Importance of Good Dog Grooming Equipments

Dog grooming equipment makes your grooming easy and enjoyable. Some of you may think why we need to spend much for dog grooming tools. But people who are sensible and understand the value of dog as well as the grooming, they definitely go for dog grooming equipment that is suitable for their dog. Lets’ get … Read more

Waste Water Disposal BMP for a Mobile Dog Grooming Van Gray Water Tank

The waste wash water from mobile dog grooming is considered gray water and therefore it needs to be properly handled to prevent pollution of ground water. There is soap and bio-issues with this water and thus this must be considered when designing an operating procedure manual and BMP best management practice for mobile dog groomers. … Read more

Portuguese Water Dog Grooming Needs

The following are the parts of a comprehensive grooming process for your Portie: Brushing and combing Nail trimming Ear cleaning   Bathing Blow drying Clipping/scissoring Among the following grooming steps, steps 1 to 3 need to be performed weekly, while brushing and combing can occur more often, as the coat length and activities of the … Read more

Dog Grooming – How Much Does it Cost?

Most dog owners tend to take care of their dogs themselves, performing all the necessary cleaning, preening, and clipping themselves. However, for many people, this can be a time consuming and not always enjoyable experience, especially if their dog doesn’t particularly enjoy being groomed. This is where a professional dog groomer can help. They are … Read more

Professional Dog Grooming Clippers – A Miracle Worker

Have you ever stopped to notice how many television shows and movies showcase scenes where the main character or villain has a beloved canine or feline pet in hand? If you have, then you are probably already familiar with the recent trend involving more and more people wanting to own pets to love and take … Read more

Natural, Primal Dog Food Is Better Than The Junk You Get At The Supermarket

I talk a lot about the importance of a whole foods or “primal” diet for people, but primal dog food is just as important for your pet’s health as well. It’s for the same basic reasons. Processing food strips out all of the vital nutrients and adds in a bunch of unhealthy junk. Sweeteners, thickeners, … Read more