Non-Violent Beekeeping for the Natural Beekeeper

Our first encounters with honeybees were long ago, most likely in Africa. Someone discovered – probably simultaneously – that these tree-dwelling insects produced a sweet, sticky substance unlike any other, and that they had stings in their tails. When fire became portable, someone else discovered that smoke caused bees to become more amenable to robbing. … Read more

5 Essential Beekeeping Tools To Make Things Easier For You

Bees are a sweet affair because of what they produce in the end. But whether you are into beekeeping as a hobby or for commercial reasons, you must ensure that your interactions with the bees are safe and simple. Apart from getting familiar with the basics of beekeeping, you will also need to know the … Read more

How to Start Beekeeping For Free

Beekeeping has suddenly become popular again, having been in decline for more than half a century. Honeybees have been in the news for all the wrong reasons: collapsing colonies, pesticide poisoning and parasitic mites – and all this bad news seems to have triggered an almost primitive desire in people to want to help and … Read more

Ghana’s Beekeepers: Akwesi Addai

When the Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) invited all interested people to attend the First National Workshop on Beekeeping in Kumasi in January 1981, there assembled a band of pioneers who by their later achievements proved themselves to be quite exceptional people and extraordinary characters. Some … Read more

Bee Keeping and Honey Processing Business – How to Get Started

Bee keeping and honey processing are age-old income-generating activities. Below is a taste of how you too can dip into the sweet jar of honey-processing profits. First, you will have to select the type of hive you wish to use in your bee keeping business. The two main hives are the Kenya Top-Bar Hive (KTBH) … Read more