How to Sharpen Dog Grooming Thinning Shears

The term ‘thinning’ in the world of hair styling and maintenance is to thin the appearance of hair without altering the initial hairstyle. This term is also applicable to dogs, as some tend to have thick or bushy hair which can be thinned. In order to do this, you will need to use a pair of dog grooming thinning shears, one that looks like a pair of scissors with blades that look like metal combs. Nevertheless, it would require frequent sharpening to keep it sharp.

What you will need to sharpen your thinning shears is a sharpening device, a wand sharpener, honing oil, and a rag.

To sharpen, you will need to lay your shear’s flat blade into the scissors slot, and adjust the slot to clamp onto the blade firmly. Next, turn on the grinding wheel and put it to the sharpening and deburring setting. Allow the device to run, and then turn off when it is completed. After that, you will need to sharpen each comb blade of the dog grooming thinning shears using a wand sharpener, which looks like a long, narrow stick that would fit between each tooth. Using the wand sharpener, slide it between each tooth by sliding it in and out of the slots. This needs to be done for about four to six times for each blade to be able to remove all the burrs and get it well sharpened.

Consecutively, have the shears rinsed with cold water. Make sure it is dried well before applying a thin layer of honing oil onto the blades. Then, use a rag to wipe off any debris as a result of the sharpening process. Last but not least, keep your shears well lubricated, especially after each use. Do pay attention to not only the blades, but the center screw as well so that you will not have much difficulty parting the blades.

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