Natural, Primal Dog Food Is Better Than The Junk You Get At The Supermarket

I talk a lot about the importance of a whole foods or “primal” diet for people, but primal dog food is just as important for your pet’s health as well.

It’s for the same basic reasons. Processing food strips out all of the vital nutrients and adds in a bunch of unhealthy junk. Sweeteners, thickeners, pesticides, hormones, all kinds of other nameless unhealthy chemicals which do nothing but cause health problems.

The bottom line is, this isn’t the diet we are evolved to eat. Tens of thousands of years ago, as our physiology was being formed in the “survival of the fittest” arena of nature, we were hunters and gatherers. We ate wild game, not chicken nuggets (which are barely even chicken). We foraged for roots and vegetables and berries. We didn’t drink soda or eat pasta.

That stuff just didn’t exist. And so our bodies have never really developed the ability to digest and use that stuff. Oh, we can get by on it. But the reality is, most of the major diseases plaguing our society are caused by eating processed foods in abundance.

Why should it be any different for dogs? They didn’t evolve eating processed grains or additive-filled junk. They’re as vulnerable to added hormones or pesticides as we are. And, like us, they evolved eating primal dog food… wild game, mostly, with a little people food thrown in once they were domesticated about 10-20,000 years ago (but that was still “primal” people food) .

Unprocessed, Stone Age style, natural dog food is far healthier for dogs in the exact same way that a natural diet is healthier for us. It’s simply the kind of food that we’re designed to eat, so our bodies use it most efficiently. It has the best nutritional value and won’t cause any nasty long-term problems from added chemicals.

So treat your dog as good as yourself and feed them natural, primal dog food!

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