Portuguese Water Dog Grooming Needs

The following are the parts of a comprehensive grooming process for your Portie:

  1. Brushing and combing
  2. Nail trimming
  3. Ear cleaning  
  4. Bathing
  5. Blow drying
  6. Clipping/scissoring

Among the following grooming steps, steps 1 to 3 need to be performed weekly, while brushing and combing can occur more often, as the coat length and activities of the dog requires. Bathing and drying are good enough every two to three weeks. Clipping can be done whenever needed or desired, depending on the overall look you want for your dog.

Just like other dogs that have low shedding, the Portuguese water dog needs frequent clipping or scissoring. Their coat gets longer and longer, until it gets unruly without intervention. Clipping a dog is very easy to learn and perform, unless the owner prefers a professional groomer. The latter entails considerable costs of course, so many owners are beginning to learn grooming themselves. All this makes a dog clipper a good investment. Besides, professional grooming can set you back by at least $500 a year.

A grooming table, while it is not a necessity, helps a lot. The purpose is that the dog is able to lie on a solid flat surface where it can feel secure while being groomed.

A nail trimmer or a nail grinder are a necessary items that you will need to master the use of. It is surprising that many dog owners are ignorant of the fact that the careless placement of the tool when cutting nails can result to the injury of a blood vessel, which may therefore explain the animal’s dislike for nail hygiene.

But what if a cut does happen despite the very best of your intentions? Then the next item ought not be missing from your grooming kit, nor from your first aid kit: styptic powder. This chemical helps stem most of the bleeding.

Being a drop-eared breed, the Portuguese water dog will need help in the control of certain ear problems, something which pointy-eared dogs are free of. Implement some regular cleaning through ear cleaners that can be bought over the counter after consulting them with your vet.

Optional items in your grooming kit could be : a dog conditioner (aside from the compulsory shampoo) which controls matting and keeps away unsightly hair splitting; a blow dryer to help dry your dog faster and to help him avoid from wiping his coat on surfaces all over the house.

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