Sheer Lucky With Dog Grooming Shears

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“It’s a dog life” is no longer a lament as much an envious expression and there are more than a dozen reasons for why people would today eagerly switch their lives with their pooches and one of the reasons is pet saloons and spas! But not everyone can afford to check their dogs in for an hour of pruning and pampering.

However, this doesn’t mean your dog needs to wear an unkempt look. Grooming your dogs at home has never been this easy all thanks to dog grooming shears that you can pick off the shelf and most importantly ones that you can use without being trained under a veterinarian or hairstylist. Plus guess what, you’re spoilt for choice once you decide you’re going go snippety-snip at home.

A few popular brands in dog grooming shears are Remington, Andis and Oster and each brand offers several options. So if you’re hard-pressed for time you can chose shears that snip and slash faster and if you prefer to trim and spruce your dog at a leisurely pace then you can opt for shears or trimmers with slower speed.

And that’s not all. Dog grooming shears now come designed to target different body parts. You have curved grooming shears that make it easy to trim sensitive and unwieldy parts such as the face, ears and paws. These curved shears are blunt at the end of the blade making them absolutely safe even in the hands of a first-timer. They are shorter than the rest and this allows access to otherwise difficult to reach spots inside your dog’s ears. Most curved shears are light-weight and rust proof making them ideal home grooming dog tools.

Dog grooming shears also differ depending on the breed. There are thinning shears for hairier or long-haired breeds that are ideal for dense mats. These thinning shears work well on short-haired dogs too so for those who have a cocker spaniel and a boxer together, a pair of trimming shears is the only investment.

Another dog shears choice to make is between corded and cordless ones. For those with skittish or inquisitive pooches, the cordless ones and that too those that make less noise is recommended. Those with the been-there-smelt-that lot can settle for the corded ones. However, one important check is to ensure the handle doesn’t heat easily. So for those who want their dogs to make as much a style statement as they themselves, its dog grooming shears all the way!

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