The Dangers of Wolf Hybrid Dogs

When you cross a wolf with a dog, you get a wolf hybrid dog. These dogs can have a little bit of wolf in it or a lot. If a dog contains any wolf in it at all, it is considered a wolf hybrid. Some breeders advertise their dogs as wolf hybrids when they are almost a purebred wolf. This creates a dangerous situation as you never really know what you are getting with a wolf dog hybrid.

Because the ancestors of the domestic dog are the wolf, some people think it would not matter too much to have a degree of wolf in their dog. However, this is not the case. The DNA of a wolf and a dog differ by only 1 percent, but there is a large difference in character with this fraction of a difference. Of course, the more wolf is present in the dog, the more primal it is going to be.

In estimating how many wolf hybrids are out there, between 300,000 to 2 million of them exist today in the U.S. A large number of these wolf hybrids are being abandoned on a regular basis. While some shelters will accept these hybrids, other shelters feel they are too dangerous and have them put down.

Some people are drawn by the idea of owning such a beautiful and unique creature. However, what they don’t think about is what it will be like to be responsible for a wild animal. More often than not, they give the animal away when things turn sour or they feel it is a threat to them. The fierce nature of this dog hybrid makes some people think that it is turning on them.

Because the behavior of the these dogs are unpredictable, owners should treat them more like a wolf than a dog. Getting food and achieving territorial protection are the two main goals of this animal. Their instinct to chew is buried deep in their nature. A common scenario is when they chew up a sofa and the owner gets mad and tries to punish them. Do not expect a favorable result from this. Your couch has become their property. They will bear their teeth at you to let you know they consider it to belong to them. The top cause of death in wild wolves are territorial disputes.

Wolf hybrids generally look at other dogs as potential prey. Their teeth are large and sharp, and ready to shift into a predatory mode at a moment’s notice. It is because of their predatory nature that Wolf Park in Battleground, Indiana says that wolf hybrids are not to be trusted with children. They explain that a wolf hybrid may see a child moving around and it could trigger an attack, even if the child has been with the dog since it was a pup.

It often doesn’t work out when wolf dogs are kept inside of the home. The reason is that they are considered to be too curious and destructive. It is in their nature to exist outdoors, being hunters and travelers over miles of country. Wolf hybrids don’t want to be loved on, they want you to take them out in nature.

In many states, owners are required to hold a special permit to own a wolf hybrid. If you already have one, a responsible choice is to have them spayed or neutered. If they are being kept outdoors, they need to be enclosed within a chain link fence with cement around the edges to keep them from digging out. They have a reputation for being great escape artists.

As these dogs do not thrive on a high-kibble diet, it is better to feed them 2 to 5 pounds of quality meat a day, like venison.

You may be wondering if they can be trained. This would depend on the amount of wolf that the dog has in him. If the percentage of wolf is low enough, they can be trained like any other dog. Nevertheless, you should never let them off of their leash in public. Prong collars or choke chains should never be used with them. You may find yourself surprised with the intensity of the behavior of a wolf hybrid, as they will try to dominate over their owners.

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